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Pricing Change

We have increased our prices to £2,175+VAT, or three instalments of £725+VAT.

It is the first increase we have made since 2019. This decision has been made to absorb the increase in our own input costs – legal costs, recruitment, professional indemnity insurance, etc. It is equal to the increase in the Retail Price Index over this period.

Homehold has a commitment to both offering our clients an excellent service and fighting hard for a fair premium, the increase in our prices will allow us to continue to invest in the best team and the best processes to do this.

We have reviewed our competitors’ fees comprehensively and are confident that our end-to-end service remains extremely competitively priced.

The pricing structure only effects clients who have instructed us (i.e., requested us to send over terms and a first instalment invoice) to complete their lease extension after 25 February 2022.

Clients who signed up with our old pricing will still pay the same agreed price for their second and third instalments.

Please note: we must be fair and consistent to all new clients, and for this reason we will not offer legacy prices or discounts to any clients instructing us after 25 February 2022.

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