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A fair deal and a seamless service

Our aim is to negotiate a fair deal on your lease extension with your freeholder, while offering you a seamless fixed-price service.

But what does this actually mean?

The page below outlines what mean by a 'fair deal' and a 'seamless service' and how we achieve it.

A Fair Deal

Unsurprisingly, your freeholder will want to maximise the amount of money they receive from you for a lease extension.

We are passionate about ensuring you pay a fair price - this is how we do it:

We do detailed valuation work

The valuation work we do as part of “Stage 1” is a crucial first step in getting you a fair premium.

Our analysis is very detailed, and this allows us to provide you with a “high” and “low” range for the premium. This “fair range” is genuinely what the evidence suggests you should pay. We will provide you with the rationale behind these figures and never pad them out to make the negotiation easier.

We negotiate proactively

By doing the detailed valuation work above, during “Stage 2” we can put your case forward effectively for a fair price for your premium. Having a firm grasp of the evidence also makes it easier to undermine the freeholder’s own negotiating position.

Being aware of this “fair range” means that during negotiations you can understand when to accept a premium, and when an application to tribunal might be worth considering.

We negotiate fees

You have to pay your freeholder’s legal and valuation fees and because you are paying, your freeholder has limited incentive to seek a good price.

If your freeholder's legal and valuation fees are not fair, we will always challenge them and try and reduce them before completion. If they won’t budge, we’ll make an application to get them determined at tribunal.

We only work for leaseholders

Lots of firms work for both freeholders and leaseholders. Most leaseholders will only ever extend one lease, so freeholders with lots of properties make much better customers!

Many professionals are reluctant to adopt a negotiating position or use evidence which benefits leaseholders – because they know it can be used against them next time they’re negotiating on behalf of a freeholder.

The same goes for challenging fees, and in both cases, our only priority is getting you a fair deal.

A seamless service:

Most leaseholders will only extend a lease once.

We recognise that if you have not been through it before a lease extension can seem a complicated, long and sometimes contentious process.

Our job is to make this process seamless for you.

We look after your case from start to finish

We look after your case from the moment you instruct us right through to the point at which your lease is registered at the Land Registry. This means that you’re not constantly being passed from valuer to solicitor and back again.

We work systematically

Our aim is to make the lease extension process as smooth as possible for you – and ensure that a delay is never caused because of some we did or didn’t do.

We’ve carefully designed and built our lease extension process – and the technology behind it – to ensure the experience is as smooth as possible for you.

We will communicate with you every step of the way

We allocate you a friendly client manager who will look after your case and keep you updated at every stage of the process.

If between updates you have a question – just email us or pick up the phone. We’ll get back to you the same day if your query reached us in the morning, and the next day if you sent it in the afternoon.

We work on a fixed-price basis

We will complete your lease extension on a fixed-price basis, which means you don’t have to worry about costs increasing with “the meter running”.

This means you don’t have to worry about extra charges every time you have a question or think too much about whether an additional round of negotiations is worth it.

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