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What is a statutory lease extension?

Extending your lease through the statutory route means adding 90 years and reducing your ground rent to zero.

Unlike negotiating informally with your freeholder, there is a fixed timeline, your freeholder can’t make any other changes to your lease and you won’t have to extend again.

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How can Homehold help you?

We look after your lease extension from start to finish. Our mission is to make the process as inexpensive, as smooth and as stress-free as possible for you.

We work hard to get you a fair deal on your lease extension. You'll deal with a single point of contact here at Homehold who will look after your case on your behalf.

Our end-to-end service is a fixed-fee of £2,400+VAT. We charge this as three instalments of £800+VAT.

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What costs will you have to pay?

1: The Premium

The premium is the amount you negotiate with your freeholder to cover the cost of extending the lease and reducing the ground rent.

2: The Freeholder's Fees

The law insists you have to pay your freeholder’s valuation fee and legal fees.

We always challenge these if they are anything but fair.

3: Your own costs

When you do a lease extension you need to get someone like Homehold to value your property, sort the legal work and negotiate fiercely with the freeholder on your behalf. Our service includes all this for a fixed-fee of £2,400+VAT.

Use our calculator to get an idea of what your lease extension might cost.

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