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Lease extension solicitors and valuers in a single fixed fee service.

Homehold makes your lease extension simple. Our specialist lease extension solicitors and valuers will work together on a fixed fee from start to finish, ensuring you get a fair deal.

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What is a statutory lease extension?

A statutory lease extension is your legal right.

It will add 90 years to your lease and reduce your ground rent to £0.

It will increase the value of your flat and make it easier to sell.

Why Homehold?

A fair deal

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A fair deal

We ensure you get a fair deal on your lease extension, by using our detailed valuation work to negotiate effectively

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An end-to-end service on a fixed fee

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An end-to-end service on a fixed fee

For a competitive fixed price, we will look after your lease extension from valuation to completion, updating you every week

Fixed Price Lease Extension

Our end-to-end lease extension service is a fixed fee of £2,400+VAT.

As we progress through your lease extension this fee is paid in three equal installments of £800+VAT.

What's included?

  • Your valuation, negotiation and legal work – as outlined above

  • All costs of negotiating with your freeholder

  • The project management work to bring it all together

  • Land Registry fees, searches, postage etc – there are no "hidden fees"!

What's not included?

  • The cost of extending the lease (the premium)

  • Your freeholder's valuation and legal costs – which you have to pay

  • Going to tribunal. Find out more about our fixed price tribunal services by contacting us.

  • Lease extensions where we anticipate the premium being over £40,000

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Your lease extension: what will it cost?

If you'd like to get a rough estimate of how much you'll have to pay to your freeholder to extend your lease you can use our online calculator free of charge.

Our calculator reflects the latest changes and developments in leasehold law.

Who are Homehold?

Homehold is staffed with some of the best lease extension solicitors and valuers in the sector.

Linz Darlington, our Director, is an ex-Strategy and Valuation Consultant. He is on a mission to put your faith back into customer service.

We have a specialist team of valuers, who have the expertise to negotiate a fair premium.

To ensure you can benefit from the very best legal services, Homehold have set up our own firm of solicitors. LLS is led by Leah Veasey, a specialist enfranchisement solicitor with over 1,000 lease extensions under her belt.

Everyone working on your lease extension will have one thing in common: they will strive to provide you with a five-star service every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I extend my lease?

A. Your lease extension will get more expensive as the years tick by. By extending it now, you are avoiding paying (far) more in the future. Adding an additional 90 years and removing the ground rent will make your flat easier to mortgage and sell.

Q. Who can extend their lease?

A. You are usually eligible for a lease extension if your flat: (a) was originally leased for 21 or more years, (b) doesn’t have the Crown Estate or National Trust as the freeholder, (c) isn’t owned on a shared ownership scheme where you pay rent, (d) has been owned by you for more than two years.

Q. When should I extend my lease?

A. As soon as a lease drops below 80 years it gets more expensive to extend and increasingly difficult to mortgage. Anyone who has a lease of less than 100 years should have a lease extension on their radar, with a plan to extend before it gets to the 80-year mark or before they sell the property. If your ground rent is high then doing a lease extension will also remove this.

Q. Why should I use Homehold rather than a seperate solicitor and valuer?

A. Why would you not? We're a specialist lease extension company with a valuation team in house and have our own firm of lease extension solicitors. Compare our fixed fee to the cheapest lease extension solicitors and surveyors: you'll see we're competively priced and by using us, you're not stuck managing two sets of professionals.

Q. Do you do lease extensions in London?

A. Our surveyors and solicitors have extensive experience with lease extensions in London. We have worked with many of the Central London landlords. If your freeholder is one of the London borough councils, we’ve almost certainly worked with them too.

Q. Can Homehold complete lease extensions nationwide?

A. Yes, we work across England and Wales. Whether your flat is in London, Cardiff or Plymouth or Newcastle, our solicitors and surveyors can help with your lease extension.

Q. Does your fixed fee included both surveyors and solicitors costs?

A. Yes, the £2,400+VAT includes all the legal, valuation and negotiation work you need for your lease extension and also "disbursements", which are charges some solicitors add on top. You will also have to pay your freeholder's legal and valuation costs.

Q. Does your £2,400+VAT fixed fee include the cost of negotiating my premium?

A. Yes, absolutely. We're committed to negotiating a fair price (read our reviews) and we never want you to have to choose between accepting a price that is too high or continuing to fund negotiations without knowing if it is worth it.

Q. Do you do lease extensions for freeholders as well as leaseholders?

A. No. We were set up by a leaseholder for leaseholders. In order to negotiate fair premiums for leaseholders we can't be using one set of arguments one day, and another set the next.

Q. Are you a member of the Association of Leasehold Enfranchisement Practitioners (ALEP)?

A. Yes. ALEP is the kitemark which is essentially the kitemark that recognises the best lease extension solicitors and surveyors in the industry. Homehold are a full member. Lease extensions involve complex areas of law and valuation, so they are best left to specialist professionals. Homehold's own law firm is also authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Q. Why should I choose Homehold over your competitors?

A. We're not sure that we have any direct competitors. As far as we know we're the lease extension company who only works for just leaseholders and that uses their own solicitors and surveyors, rather than outsourcing. By using our own team of valuers and our own law firm, we can keep the quality high.

Q. How do you maintain such good reviews?

A. We have a specialist team who is very experienced in this type of work - it's all we do. We are the lease extension company to choose if you want true specialists. Everytime we find a way to improve, we apply it consistently across our processes. If we get something wrong, we'll always do our best to put it right.

Interested in learning more about lease extensions?

Our expert solicitors and valuers are frequently called upon for content and comment about lease extensions from the industry and national press, in addition for writing for our own knowledge hub

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    02 Apr 2024

    We were invited to comment to the Mail Online about why some leaseholders are now choosing to move out of London and into cheaper cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and event Stoke on Trent.  Outside London, freehold properties are often more affordable too.

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    27 Mar 2024

    Our Managing Director, Linz Darlington, was invited to join Faye Barker on LBC News to discuss the Government U-turn on Ground Rent reforms and which leaseholders need to extend their leases now under current legislation, and which need to wait for the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill.

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    25 Mar 2024

    The Evening Standard asked us to comment on what we think about the Government’s U-Turn on Ground Rent reforms. Our comments included why we thought that, as positive as they would be, the Government’s commitment to reduce all ground rents to a peppercorn was unlikely to be successful.

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    25 Apr 2024

    CityAM published our expert guidance on the progress of the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Bill, and its meteoric pace through the Commons. This article looks at the potential challenges to the Bill as it goes through the House of Lords and the amendments which are likely to be made.

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